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Jesus Fans

It’s hard to believe but the NFL preseason is about to begin. I have high hopes for my New York Jets this year. Well, high may be exaggerating but I do have hope. I enjoy football. The regular season starts in the fall, and I love fall. There are only sixteen games so each one has some significance. Unlike baseball, hockey, or basketball, NFL teams cannot go on a ten-game losing streak and still be a contender. I’m not alone obviously. Hundreds of thousands of fans (which is short for “fanatics”) will soon be packing stadiums all over the country on Sundays (as well as Monday and Thursday nights). Millions more will be watching on giant flat screen televisions, computers, and mobile devices. Often during a broadcast, you will see fans with their bodies painted in their teams’ colors or fully dressed as Vikings, Pirates (Buccaneers), and colonial minutemen (Patriots). People get really excited about their favorite team. I even have a shelf in my office that serves as a little New Yo

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