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What’s That Smell?

A sense of smell is a blessing, but not all smells are pleasant. That’s why they make air freshener and Poo Pourri. Body odor can get tough sometimes. Did you know that in the baroque period (the 18 th century) those at court were always holding handkerchiefs? It seemed an odd practice, doesn’t it? (No different than people today carrying around water bottles 24/7 as if they might faint straightaway from dehydration.) Nonetheless, why did they carry around handkerchiefs? Just pull it out when needed. They were doused in perfume. They waved them in front of their noses on a regular basis. Why? To cover the overwhelming scent of body odor that was everywhere. Regular bathing was not in fashion at this time. Yikes! Halitosis (bad breath) can be just as bad. I know some folks whose breath at times would leave Superman weak in the knees. Farms are not generally pleasant smelling. Though, it is interesting how farmers eventually get desensitized to it. After a while they don’t even notice

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