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Thank You For Being a Friend

I have been attending church regularly since I got saved back in 1989. I love church. I love the people who are the church. I love pastoring a church. At a meeting last night, someone mentioned the fact that they had very few friends outside of our church. That really resonated with me because that is absolutely the same for me. I had a very close circle of friends back in high school and those relationships continued for fifteen plus years afterward. However, after I left to go to seminary in Maine, those friendships faded with time and distance. Today, like the brother who spoke last night, all of my friendships are with those at South Church. Why is that? Well, as brothers and sisters-in-Christ, we all have a common purpose and mission. To love one another as Christ loved us and to go and make disciples of all the nations. When you share common objectives like that there is a camaraderie that naturally develops. A similar thing happens among those who serve in the military. As t

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