Thursday, March 26, 2020

Are You Ready?

During this coronavirus event I have been asked, “Is this it? Is this how it all ends?” Let me unequivocally say, “No!” There is nothing about a pandemic being the cause of the end of the world anywhere in Scripture. We will survive this virus, as we have the many pandemics that have come before. Yes, sadly, many will be infected, and there will be deaths, but we will survive.

However, let us entertain the hypothetical what if. What if this was the end? What if humanity was not going survive Covid-19? (We will, but pretend for a moment that we would not.) The most important question is, “Are you ready?” Are you certain of what comes next for you? The truth is, on average, we will only spend about eighty or so years here on this earth. Some are blessed with more time, others with less. Whichever it is, where we spend eternity seems vastly more important, does it not?

Ask yourself. If this was the end, have you recognized that you are a sinner, and have you confessed your sins to God? Do you truly believe what Jesus did on the cross for you? Have you repented and committed to living a life that honors and glorifies God to the best of your ability? If you answered, “Yes!” to all of those questions, you have no need to fear. Your future is assured. Even if this was the end (which it is not, but if it was), you will be okay. God will wipe every tear from your eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All those things are gone forever. You will be with the Lord. Forgiven. Healed. Restored. Glorified. Rejoicing. 

What about those you love? Family members. Friends. Co-workers. Schoolmates. You are okay. Will they be okay? You will be with the Lord. What will be next for them? Where will they spend eternity? Is Jesus their Lord and Savior? Jesus told us, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). Clearly that means Jesus is the only way to salvation. Have those you love made a decision about Christ? Do they even know about Christ? Will you tell them? If this were the end, would you say anything?

One good thing that has come from this crisis is seeing how people are reaching out to those they love. I have received more communication in the last two weeks from my three sons telling me they love me, than I have in the past two years. People are checking in on their elderly parents and grandparents. Children are telling their parents and parents are telling their children how much they love each other. It is awesome to hear. Still, the same people we are reaching out to during this challenging time. These same people to whom we are professing our love. Are they ready for eternity? Do we love them enough to ask them if they know about Jesus? Will we share the truth about Christ and salvation?     

This coronavirus may not the end, but the end could come next week. Next month. Next year. Tomorrow. Are you ready? Are those you love ready?


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