Monday, April 13, 2020

The One True God

Anyone else having an egg salad sandwich today? Yes, our Easter celebrations have come and gone, but I do hope the message continues. He is risen! He is risen indeed! The truth is, there are a variety of religions practiced by good people all over the world. However, Jesus did something no other religious figure in the history of humankind every claimed. He walked out of a tomb. That makes Him unique. In fact, that puts an exclamation point on our faith. As God said in Isaiah 43:10, “‘But you are my witnesses, O Israel!’ says the Lord. ‘You are my servant. You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God. There is no other God – there never has been, and there never will be.’”   

There can only be one truth. It is either windy and raining today, or it is not. We are blessed to be a people who know the truth, the way, and the life that is Jesus Christ. It’s not that He is better than all other gods, or stronger than all other gods. It’s that there are no other gods. They are figments of imagination. We worship the one and only Creator of the universe. The God – the only God – who made us, and loved us enough to send His Son to take upon Himself our sins and make us whole again.

So, as we watch the date April 12 retreat into the past, let us remember how unique of a celebration we enjoyed. Not just because we celebrated online, but because there is only one true God. One God. One truth. One Son. One sacrifice. One salvation. We are saved because the only true God loves us.


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